Please check with your local Assessor prior to submitting these forms.  They may have their own required forms.
M-28 Exemption Form - Horses, Ponies, Farm Mach. & Buildings TAX RELIEF CLAIM FORMS
M-29   Classification of Land as Farm Land  Tax Relief Questions & Answers Booklet
M-30   Classification of Land as Open Space  M-35B  Homeowners Circuit Breaker Program      Application
  M-36 Homeowners Elderly Relief Freeze Program      Application
M-30a   Exemption of Land as Open Space  M-42b Disabled Tax Relief Program       Application
 (Land owned by a Tax Exempt Organization) M-59  Additional Veterans Exemption     Application   Continuation Sheet
  M65-MV  Commercial Motor Vehicle Exemption
FOREST LAND CLASSIFICATION & REPORTING FORMS M-65-MV Application -  MS Word            M-65-MV Application -
Classification of Land as Forest Land 
Form DEEP-FOR-490:  Annual report to State Forester    Ms Word TAX EXEMPT ORGANIZATIONS
M-39 Application to the Assessor for Classification of Land as Forest Land CAAO M-3 (with housing) -       CAAO M-3 -
Filing Form (M-3 Quadrennial) -  MS Word 


PA 490 Guide

MS Word   Adobe Acrobat

Maritime Heritage Land Classification  
INCOME & EXPENSE FORM Still in Service Form - CT Resident  MS Word   Adobe Acrobat
Instruction Page Still in Service Form - Non CT Resident  MS Word    Adobe Acrobat
Annual Form (Excel file) Leased Vehicle Exemption
  Certificate of Entitlement
Military Spouse Vehicle Exemption
To download these forms, right click and use "Save target as..." M-35P Owner's Program Reimbursement Reduction
  M-35PC Owner's Program Reduction Continuation Form
2006 Memo to Assessors regarding Public Act 06-83 M-36P Freeze Program Reimbursement Reduction
2015 MV Form - MS Word    2015 MV Form  Unregistered Motor Vehicles M-36PC Freeze Program Reduction Continuation Form
Campers, Trailers located in a Campground M-37 State Owned Property - Payment in Lieu of Taxes
2015 MVa Form -  MS Word   2015 MVa Form   
2015 PP Short Form -  MS Word      2015 PP Short Form   M-37 C&H  Colleges & Hospitals - Payment in Lieu of Taxes

2015 PP Full Form -  MS Word     2015 PP Full Form  

M-46  Distressed Municipalities -  Exemptions
2015 PP Full Form - MS Excel  
2015 Mfg, Exemption Form - MS Word    2015 Mfg, Exemption Form  PUBLICATIONS (Order Forms)
2015 Mfg, Exempt Itemized Form -  MS Word     2015 Mfg, Exempt Itemized Form  Handbook for Connecticut Assessors
2015 Farm Machinery Exemption Form - MS Word $100,000 Limit Handbook for Boards of Assessment Appeals 
2015 Farm Machinery Exemption Form  $100,000 Limit Handbook for Boards of Assessment Appeals -  MS Word
2015 Farm Machinery Exemption Form - MS Word $200,000 Limit (Local Option)

Best print format for BAA Handbook is double sided print

2015 Farm Machinery Exemption Form  $200,000 Limit (Local Option)